Qu-s 1.2 full review

Staying organised is no easy task. One new option: Qu-s (pronounced like cues, for how software gives you your cues for the day) helps bring order in the midst of chaos. It’s a sticky note utility - similar to Circus Ponies NoteBook - that runs on the desktop, so it’s always viewable.

You can add a phone number, jot down a grocery list, or assemble a list of your favorite Web sites. Yet it’s more than that - hidden beneath the sticky notes is a useful project manager. Qu-s is refreshing to use compared with other desktop organizers.

Notes “stick” to the desktop, in varying degrees of opacity, even when you switch to another application. This means you can organize notes in a corner of the screen and even group them together for easy viewing. With Dashboard notes, you still have to switch to the Dashboard. Unlike the MyDay app included with Entourage 2008, Qu-s is actually easy to use and make part of your daily routine. As I used the app over several days, it became a trusted ally - especially in that hectic moment when I needed the phone number for a new business partner right now. It’s a “look at the screen and use it” app.

You can turn any text into a bulleted or numbered list by using a menu option. Or, you can turn list items into check boxes that you can click when each item is done. Each note has a check box as well, for when the entire list is done. Each note also rolls up into an overall project. In practice, this means you see only the notes that correspond to a particular project, such as home chores or a work assignment. Switching between projects is easy using a menu or you can Option-click on a note.

Qu-s has some subtle but useful features. You can change the color of notes using the color wheel - you’re not restricted to a limited color palette. When you do change colors, each new note uses a slightly different hue from that colour spectrum (say, a lighter shade of brown).

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