Remember the Milk full review

Remember the Milk? Heck – there are days we can’t even remember our names. So, we’re grateful for this apparently simple but very powerful online task manager. Like Twitter, it takes a couple of attempts to ‘get’ Remember the Milk, but once you do it quickly becomes indispensable.

It looks like a simple task list creator (which it is) and the temptation to use it for shopping lists and nothing else is great – the name doesn’t do it many favours in that respect. Spend some time with the app though and you’ll find real potential lurking below the surface.

You can make multiple lists with Remember the Milk – as many as you like. The secret is coming up with useful categories. So, instead of making a list labelled ‘Things I Have to Do This Morning’, you can make a general list called ‘Work’. Add tasks to that list that require your attention, then use one of many other ways to organise each entry. You can add a due date, set priorities or – and this is the killer feature – create tags.

Many task applications have hierarchical folders for projects. Tags in Remember the Milk effectively do the same job, enabling you to group tasks into a category, or categories, quickly and easily. You can then access those by searching for the tag or creating a Smart List that automatically does it for you – instant project management.

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