Remote Buddy full review

Remote controls seem to breed when you’re not looking, don’t they? Remotes for the DVD player, hi-fi, console, TV, freeview, satellite, PVR, and, of course, your Mac, with its IR remote. Does anyone actually use those things?

Well actually, we do. Or, to be more honest, we do now that we’ve discovered Remote Buddy. Not only can it extend the capabilities of your Apple Remote via the built-in IR port but it adds the ability to control your Mac using other remotes and even your mobile phone.

Remote Buddy’s central menu enables you to control over a hundred programs – including iTunes, FrontRow, VLC and Real Media Player – on your Mac, using a configured remote control. Alongside menu-assisted input, the application gives you access to a virtual mouse and keyboard. The virtual mouse doubles as a presentation tool, with its Mousespot highlighting feature.

In addition to Apple’s IR Remote, the software supports devices through WiFi or Bluetooth, enabling you to use a range of third-party remotes, including EyeTV, the Griffin AirClick USB remote and even your Wii controller. For us, the most impressive remote support comes with the bundled AJAX remote for iPhone and iPad touch (and, we presume, iPad too). It offers a much finer, menu-based level of control, placing virtual input devices for your computer directly in your hands.

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