Renamer 4 full review

There are some tools you try and end up thinking, “why isn’t that functionality already in OS X?”. Renamer is definitely one of them. Some of Renamer’s features actually are in OS X, but only from Terminal and only if you’re a bit of a Unix wizard.

Renamer’s simple interface enables you to batch process individual files or entire folders, changing file names using presets or user-defined parameters. We’ve looked at the program before – when it was called Renamer4Mac – and since then it’s had serious interface overhaul, shifting category from ‘interesting’ to ‘indispensable’ along the way.

There are several useful ways to rename the files you choose, from a straight ‘Find and Replace’ option to a feature that appends numbers to files. You can order the chosen batch in a number of ways – by name, modification date or file type – and use that order to number files. Renamer also enables you to ‘chain’ features – so you can stack up renaming features to create complex batch processes. These can be saved as presets too, giving you instant access in future. Live feedback lets you see immediately how your renamed files look – which is great for catching errors early and fine-tuning your results.

While Renamer is running, you have access to presets from the system menu too, making it easy to select files in Finder, run presets or add them to batches. Looking at the presets that are bundled with Renamer will give you some idea of the complexity that’s possible.

That’s where our reservations kick in, though – there’s no help bundled with the application and very little online support. The interface is easy to navigate but you’re pretty much on your own with the more advanced applications of the program.

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