SecureMac PrivacyScan full review

PrivacyScan scours your Mac for potential security threats. It looks for cookies, personal data saved by apps, settings and other information that could be used for malicious purposes. When it finds them, it enables you to thoroughly and securely shred them.

When you go online, apps gather personal data about you. They store a history of where you’ve been and what you’ve downloaded. They encode passwords and save form details. 

You can be casually dismissive about all the data and information your Mac squirrels away – worrying only when you begin to receive mysterious bills for things you never bought. Or you can run around telling everyone the sky is falling, with your triple password protected MacBook locked in a lead box inside a suitcase. Inside a safe, in a warehouse. On the moon.

It should come as no surprise that we counsel following a more balanced way. PrivacyScan can be used as part of that approach, to identify threats on your Mac and neutralise them without hysteria or fuss.

Cover your tracks by deleting history, cookies and data with PrivacyScan


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