Skitch full review

As social media continues its relentless expansion, there’s a growing demand for all kinds of new tools. Skitch falls into this category. After playing with it in beta for some time we’re impressed with its slickness, the huge range of features that are packed into what seems at first to be a simple application, and its connectivity.

There are two parts to Skitch. There’s a very simple online image storage service. You sign up, and you get a barebones profile with the ability to upload photos from your Mac. Then you can share them in a number of ways. More on that in a second.

The second part is awesome. Skitch already has a business plan; like TwitPic and YFrog, it’s all about sharing images. So, we’d love to have been a fly on the wall when the folks behind the service, Plasq, decided to bundle in a kick-ass image-editing application too. They could have gone for a simple screengrab and uploader, like TinyGrab. But, no, Skitch the desktop application is a very cool sketching, annotation and screenshot-taking tool in its own right.

We haven’t even mentioned some of the other solid gold stuff either, like iPhoto integration, the most intuitive resize and crop tools we’ve ever seen in a drawing app, and the ability to drag and drop image URLs to any text box. But sharing is what Skitch is really all about and the software enables you to do that with your Skitch account, MobileMe, Flickr or standard transfer protocols like FTP.

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