Sleepytime full review

Ever wanted to listen to your favourite tunes as you drift off to sleep? Then Sleepytime's just what your frazzled adrenal system has been waiting for. 

Fire up iTunes, start playing whatever you like, then launch Sleepytime. Choose how long you want it to play (in minutes, hours, or even days), as well as the duration of the fade-out (in seconds or minutes). You can also ask Sleepytime to quit automatically. The program can log you out of your account or sleep, shut down, or restart your Mac. Finally, you can opt to have Sleepytime display a black backdrop with track information while iTunes plays.

Sleepytime can also wake you up to your favourite tunes. Set a time to wake up, choose a playlist, and decide whether you want the ‘alarm’ to start at full volume immediately or to fade in. When your wake-up time arrives, the music starts, and you get an onscreen dialog with options to stop or pause the music, if you fancy an extra snooze.

If music helps you nod off at night, Sleepytime could be the tool for you

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