Snagit for Mac (Beta) full review

We don’t like to admit it, here at Macworld, but we sometimes use PCs. Snagit is an application that’s been available for Windows for a long time. It’s gone through nine versions, in fact. And we’ve been using it for most of that time because it’s chock-full of great features, highly configurable and very flexible. So, when we found out that there was a Snagit beta for the Mac, we were disproportionately excited considering that the sole purpose of this application is to take pictures of things happening on your screen.

Snagit for Mac looks better than its Windows equivalent, but that’s partly because it doesn’t do as much – there simply aren’t as many features to clutter up the interface. You have a choice of all-in-one or standard window captures – with or without the cursor. All-in-one is a new, smart option that significantly reduces option-clutter. You can make region selections, windows, even scrolling grabs – handy for web pages and documents.

Snagit zooms in on windows, as though detecting them in high-tech, CSI fashion. It’s smoke, mirrors and fancy animation – but it looks impressive. The best part of Snagit is what you can do to grabs after you’ve taken them. You can edit them, save in different formats, annotate and resize images.

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