Snapz Pro X Movie Capture 2.12 full review

Some software has a distinct and broad appeal. Other examples have somewhat narrower applications. Snapz Pro X is in the latter category – a program that courseware designers, technical writers and software reviewers get very excited about. Your everyday Mac user? Probably not so much.

Primarily, Snapz Pro X takes screenshots. There’s a utility called ‘Grab’ built in to OS X that does a similar job, but it’s only available from Tiger onwards. Prior to that, you could (and still can) take snapshots of your desktop or an active window using keyboard shortcuts. Once installed, Snapz Pro hijacks the same shortcut by default – popping up a dialogue that offers a range of options. You can take shots of objects, user defined regions or the entire screen. Snapz Pro’s unique selling point is it can capture movies of your desktop in QuickTime format.

In this mode, you can capture a series of steps in an application while providing live commentary. The movie can be set up to take in the whole screen, focus on a defined area or follow the cursor around. Snapz Pro will also save in several formats, including PDF, BMP and PNG.

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