Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner full review

Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner. Sounds like it’s just for Snow Leopard doesn’t it? As in, “OS X 10.6 needs a special tool for cleaning up the cache – here it is. Hurrah!” But that’s not actually the case. In a previous life, this tool was known as Leopard Cache Cleaner – the new name just means that it’s been updated to work with the new OS. And it does lots more than clean your cache too. In summary, we award the name one star; the software however, gets a solid five.

Last month, we gave Tinker Tool a spin and liked it very much too. Cache Cleaner is like Tinker Tool’s geeky brother. There’s less finesse, more power and many more features. The two apps aren’t entirely incompatible either. There’s some overlap here and there, but in many ways they’re complimentary.

Yes, Cache Cleaner may indeed be used for cleaning out your cache files, logs, nib and store files. However, there are also tools for analysing and benchmarking your system, optimising net connections and repairing permissions.

The program has two tiers. In the main menu, you’ll find the complicated stuff divided into intuitive categories: Maintain, Clean, Internet, System and so on. There’s also a Disinfect option, which hooks into the same engine used by ClamXav, the open source ClamAV.

The second tier of options appears in a dialog box, with a reduced number of options. Here you can look through a log of system info and run scripts that do general maintenance and cleaning jobs. It’s an unusual interface approach, one that divides hardcore clean-up tasks from every day jobs.

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