Socialite 1.3 full review

Socialite looks much like an email client, but instead of email, it handles social networks. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Google Reader are among the services it supports.

It’s not the first tool to bring your social media stuff together – Chromium-based web browser Flock does a similar job, while Digsby combines social networking with instant messaging tools. The problem with these tools is that they feel too stuffed with features, and their functionality can be inconsistent, but Socialite’s clean and lean RSS-reader styling gets the balance right.

Socialite integrates many service-specific features, such as commenting on your friends’ Facebook posts, retweeting messages on Twitter, and marking Flickr photos as favourites. You can share Google Reader items with your friends and your public stream, view photos from your Flickr contacts, browse links your Facebook friends post, and so on.

Socialite helps to cut down all the browser switching involved in networking

The application also lets you customise both the application and the behaviour of individual accounts. Keyboard shortcuts allow navigation between items and services and creating new posts of your own, and you can choose how frequently Socialite refreshes each service. You can also display a menubar icon with useful tools, pick your favourite URL shortener and picture uploading service for Twitter, and tweak a number of other behaviours.

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