Spector Pro Mac 2010 full review

Spector Pro Mac 2010 is billed as ‘internet monitoring software’ but, in truth, it does quite a bit more than that. With a variety of tools and features at its disposal, it silently records and stores every keystroke, every search term entered and every website visited by the user on the target machine.

The program can run in Visible or Stealth modes. When in Stealth mode, the user may never know they’re under surveillance. There’s no program icon in the Applications folder and Spotlight brings up no trace of the tool. The only sign the application has been installed is an innocent-looking folder in the main Library directory, full of encrypted file names.

A keyboard shortcut opens the Spector Pro viewer, which displays the recorded activity on the target machine. The program takes a full-screen, snapshot every 30 seconds. If your target logs into Messenger or iChat, there’ll be a record of their conversations. Every web page visited is recorded, with a direct link and the option to block access to sites in future. There are also records of files transferred, users’ log-ins and programs loaded.

Among the more powerful features is the keystroke-logging tool, which records typed passwords and codes. You can also record emails sent and received – even if they’ve since been deleted. Using a web-based mail service won’t protect the user either; Spector Pro supports Gmail, Hotmail and even Facebook messages. Though with passwords, screenshots and web records, it would be easy enough to access the target’s email after using Spector Pro – which, of course, would be illegal.

That brings us to a final point about the software. If you install this on a computer you own and control that’s fine under UK law. Put it on a machine you don’t have authorised access to though, and you could be breaking the law under the Computer Misuse Act of 1990.

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