SpringPad full review

SpringPad. How did we manage our lives without you? Oh, that’s right, we used a bunch of different applications: Remember the Milk, Evernote, Outlook...

SpringPad is a browser-based note-taking program that has been developed from the ground up for the internet age. At a basic level, it enables you to create notebooks and place notes in them. So far, so generic. But SpringPad has a few features that make it a cut or two above the herd of similar applications out there.

It connects to web searching tools and online databases so that you can find and save the things you add notes about. Let’s say you want to do a meal plan and your fridge is full of aubergines. Go to Add Note and choose Look it Up. Type in ‘aubergine’ and click the Recipes tab. Monday night’s dinner, sorted.

What if you’re out shopping and see a CD you want to buy, but know you’ll get it cheaper online? No problem. Get out your iPhone and, using the iOS version of SpringPad, scan in the barcode. It’s added to whichever notebook you choose.

You can dump all kinds of thing into SpringPad, from images to text to web clips. Place these in the default My Stuff notebook, then create further virtual notebooks to categorise them. You can use tagging to further organise your stuff and, when a notebook become so full of things you can’t find them, use search.

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