SyncMate review

The iPhone may be the hottest gadget since the Walkman, but not every smartphone has an Apple on it. Some of us (whisper it) have mobile devices running Windows Mobile, the compact version of the Microsoft operating system.

This presents a problem for Mac owners. The synchronisation software bundled with your Windows Mobile device (or built in to Windows Vista) is not available on Macs. Enter SyncMate, a slick program that bridges the gap and then some. In its expert version you have impressive access to the guts of your mobile device, enabling you to sync contacts, calendar events, notes and mail. And there’s more. Your Windows Mobile device is probably a multimedia hub, capable of taking photos and playing back MP3s. No problem for SyncMate – it includes iTunes and iPhoto synchronisation too.

All these features are easy to select and configure, using simple drop-down menus that individually allow you to tweak each category. You can sync between devices or make the transfer one way only. There’s some rather eccentric grammar in the dialogue boxes, but it doesn’t detract too much from what is, overall, a very professional package.


Unfortunately, we did have a couple of problems with SyncMate’s inability to mount the disk drive of our test device, an HTC Touch Diamond. It also had difficulty finding our SMS folder – crashing our phone when we tried to access texts. We’d recommend trying before you buy to make sure your device is properly supported. Otherwise, the £26.50 for the ‘expert’ version makes this a bit of a bargain.

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