Techtool Protogo 1.03 full review

Ever had a Mac that refused to start? Then you’ll appreciate Techtool Protogo 1.03, whose simple mission is to create a bootable rescue device on just about any removable storage media you choose – including USB flash drives, portable hard drives and even iPods.

Launch Techtool Protogo 1.03 and it detects all attached drives. To create a bootable device select its icon in the Devices pane then choose a configuration from the Profiles pane. You can select from an Intel-compatible Universal profile, basic and full configurations for Power PCs, dual Mac OS X and OS 9 profiles or just a classic OS 9 boot device. In each case Protogo will reformat the selected media based on your current OS, creating a bootable toolbox containing diagnostic and repair applications.

As well as Apple’s Disk Utility, Console, System Profiler and Terminal, you get Micromat’s DiskStudio and TechTool Pro 4. DiskStudio is a partition management tool, enabling you to create, delete and reformat partitions. It does this non-destructively, so you can add a new partition that already contains data. Techtool Pro is the essential application here though; a suite of diagnostic and repair tools that help you to fix just about any hard drive problem you might encounter. There are drive testing tools, performance measuring and optimisation features. You’ll also find file recovery and protection tools.

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