TinkerTool System 2.0 full review

There’s something very familiar about TinkerTool System 2.0. At start up it looks sort of like System Preferences, if System Preferences had been laid out by someone with no design sense whatsoever. A couple of the icons actually have white pixels around them and overall there’s little consistency or cohesion. Then there’s the lame animation effect when you click on an icon. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

So, it’s ugly. That we’ve established. Is it any good? TinkerTool System 2.0 is meant to complement System Preferences rather than replace it. The UI provides graphic access to maintenance routines that are usually run from the terminal and there’s a series of scripts that clean up common Mac OS errors. For example, clicking the System Issues tab on our installation brings up the option to clean up errors left behind by upgrading from 10.4 to 10.5. Note that we say “on our installation” because one of the cool and key things about TinkerTool System is that it has different options on different systems. Very clever.

We also liked the Uninstallation Assistant in the Applications section. As Mac users know well, there’s no built-in tool to remove unwanted programs on your machine. Dragging the executable to the trash leaves remnants behind – wasting space on your hard drive. In fact, there’s a lot that can be tweaked here, from global ownership settings to application bloat. It’s a powerful toolkit. So powerful, in fact, that if used by newbies it could damage your system.

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