TinyGrab full review

We like it when an application comes along that fills a need you didn’t know you had. TinyGrab does exactly that. It’s simple to describe too. It comes in the form of a small client that takes screenshots from your desktop and automatically uploads them to the TinyGrab servers. The URL is passed directly to your Mac’s clipboard so you can paste the link into any window you like, from email to Twitter, instant message to blog post.

Download it, install it and the first time you use it you’ll be prompted to create an account for free. There’s also a Premium version for £10, but more on that in a moment. TinyGrab is invoked using a keyboard shortcut (C-Shift-4). You can select a region by dragging the crosshairs over your screen or tapping the spacebar to grab the current window. Depending on your configuration, the URL will be transferred to your clipboard or opened in a web browser.

With the Premium version comes some extra functionality. You can, for example, designate your own FTP server as the target for the image upload. You can also take advantage of image-organisation tools and upload an unlimited number of grabs. With the free version, you’re limited to 10 grabs a day.

There’s functionality we’d like to see that’s missing, though. For example, it would be good to be able to right-click on an existing image and upload it to TinyGrab. Integration with other online image hosting services, like Flickr or Picasa, would be useful too.

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