Together 2.3 full review

Following our recent review of Yojimbo, we discovered another similar tool called Together. You may have known it in a previous life as KIT. It’s an application that enables you to store and categorise scraps of text and media in one handy, searchable space.

Running the two tools side by side, there’s a lot of overlap. In some cases, literally. Both Yojimbo and Together add a discreet tab to the side of your screen enabling you to drag and drop content. When both are open, Yojimbo’s tab sits on top of Together’s.

The interface layout is almost identical too. The left column contains a series of folders that are used for organising content. On the right is a split pane, with a directory listing and previews.  Here Together edges ahead a little with a greater number of ready-to-use content categories, making it explicit that audio and video are supported as well as web pages, images and text.

Files and even entire folders can be imported with a couple of clicks to add items to Together’s library. You can also drag and drop items direct to the program or Together’s tab on screen. When added to the program, items can be placed in groups of your making as well as automatically assigned to smart groups. There are plenty of other organisation tools too, including tags and colour coding.

When it comes to finding content, those tags come in handy. For other content, Together’s search is powered by Spotlight so it’s familiar as well as powerful.

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