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Together 2.2 from Reinvented Software is an application for keeping disparate bits and pieces of digital data organized and manageable. Mac OS X’s built-in Spotlight, with its content indexing and plug-in architecture do a fine job of helping track down just the item you need, but Together’s abundant management and categorization tools handily justify the asking price.

Modeled in the visual style of iTunes, Together (which was formerly called KIT) displays a sidebar down the left side of the window containing the library—the place where all items are stored—and various groupings of those items below. Getting existing files into Together is most easily achieved as a drag and drop operation into the sidebar. Another way to add data is Together’s Shelf feature.

The shelf appears as a tab on the edge of your screen and offers an unobtrusive way to toss something on the pile for dealing with later. Drag a file, some text, or a URL to the tab and a panel slides out allowing the item to be added to Together’s library without bringing the application forward. One can also click on the Shelf tab and type in a quick note. When you close the Shelf, Together creates a time-stamped note in the library with your text.

Together will accept just about anything you drop on it, which is pretty handy, but not without pitfalls. Drop a terabyte drive on the library and Together will copy the drive’s contents into its database. Turning to more manageable data, Together recognizes images, audio, video, bookmarks and Web pages. It also has a Notes category for rich text notes created from within the application.

Everything else gets lumped in the Documents category. I found Together’s Web page handling particularly compelling. When adding a Web page to the library, Together can create a Web archive that preserves the original components of the page or store a self-contained PDF image of it, preserving the links. Together can also just store just the URL as a bookmark.

The only issue I experienced with saving Web pages is some annoying flickering of images as Web archives loaded. Files in the Documents category generally appear as icons in Together’s content pane, but if the file supports Leopard’s Quick Look feature, you’ll see its contents.

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