Tomboy Notes full review

Scientists have laboured long and hard for many decades, trying and failing to find a better system for organising ideas than a desk full of annotated scraps. Lists scribbled on envelopes, film titles jotted on the back of receipts – you know the kind of thing. But now, Tomboy Notes comes pretty darn close to the ideal solution.

Imagine what would happen if the software that Wikipedia runs on and a wad of Post-It notes met each other on, found they both liked piña coladas, cricket and walks in the rain, got married and had a child and lived happily ever after. That child would be Tomboy Notes.

Open the application and everything you need to know is explained in the two default notes that pop up. Notes are open ended: they have titles and content – and that content can be absolutely anything from a list of blog ideas to the formula for cold fusion.

The clever part is that your notes can be hyperlinked together. Highlight a word or phrase, click on Create Link and a hyperlink to a brand new note is made. Clicking the link creates the note itself – and then you can edit it. Now for the even cleverer part. If you type the same text in your original note again – it automatically transforms into a hyperlink too. In fact, type that same phrase in any note and the same thing happens.

Forget that pocket full of scraps, bus tickets and torn beermats – now you can enter all your bits and pieces of mind rubbish into a system that’s open ended and invisibly organises anything you want to make a note of.

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