Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 1.5 full review

Disney studios have used Toon Boom’s software for many budget productions and direct-to-DVD sequels. So, Storyboard Pro comes with an impressive pedigree, professional-level features and a fairly hefty price tag.

Let’s make no bones about this; Toon Boom Storyboard Pro is for serious film makers. It’s designed to bring alive movie scripts in a digital storyboarding environment that enables you to work with scanned bitmaps, vector drawings or bundled clipart. As such, it’s complex software that requires a level of familiarity with conventional story boarding and moving making.

Storyboard Pro leaves little out of the mix – enabling directors to create not only static storyboards in industry standard formats, but also full animatics. This is the term used to describe animated storyboards, that that depict camera movement and action in a scene. It achieves this using a simple camera positioning system, completed by vector objects that can moved on paths using a timeline. Layer based composition enable you to animate – or storyboard – over static (or moving) backgrounds.

Storyboard elements are broken down into Panels, which can have a variety of properties and information attached, from script notes to dialogue. Full scripts can be imported in text format and added to panels by drag and drop. Panels can be further grouped into Shots, automatically named and numbered and output in a variety of moving or printable formats.

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