VoodooPad Pro 4.1 full review

According to August Mueller, proprietor of Flying Meat and purveyor of VoodooPad Pro, the concept behind VoodooPad Pro is simple. It’s a garden for your thoughts--a place where you plant ideas, cultivate and develop them, link, tie, and combine them, and grow them into something real. After a couple of weeks playing with VoodooPad Pro 4.1.2, I’m pleased to say that’s not just a pile of marketing hooey. In fact, it may even be an understatement.

VoodooPad Pro looks like a basic text editor. It bears a striking resemblance to, and shares the same feature set as, Apple's TextEdit, which is enough to make you wonder why you wouldn't just use TextEdit. The answer's simple: VoodooPad Pro is able to link your ideas and other information together. VoodooPad Pro is designed to work like a highly customizable, personalized wiki, a type of Web site that allows you to quickly create, interlink, and cross-reference information.

For example, type a name into VoodooPad; if that name appears in your Address Book, you’ll see a hyperlink underneath the name. Click that link and a menu appears, giving you the option to either email the person whose name you’ve just typed or open their card in Address Book. Create a new page within your VoodooPad Pro document and you’re required to give it a name. Type that name anywhere on a different page and VoodooPad automatically creates a hyperlink to that document.

Click the link and you jump to the page; click the Back button and you’re back where you started. Also, as is the case in a normal wiki, if you type an intercapped word, like "InterCap," that word will appear to be hyperlinked. Click the link and VoodooPad Pro creates a new page titled InterCap in your document where you can begin adding new information.

The first time you open VoodooPad Pro, you see a home page that includes examples of the kinds of information you can add to a document, including images, Web links, and custom text and paragraph formatting. Any document you create in VoodooPad Pro can be encrypted and secured with a password.

As a word processor, VoodooPad Pro is not as powerful as programs like Apple’s Pages, but I found it more than sufficient for what I typically do with a word processor and perfect for typing basic notes. The main document editing window looks exactly like TextEdit, right down to the location of the buttons, but VoodooPad Pro gives you better access to other text formatting options, such as font type, style, size, color, and spacing, using a floating palette. My only complaint about this palette is that the extra formatting options are buried at the bottom of 12 other document-related items, so it was sometimes a hassle to get to the tools. It would have been much easier if these formatting tools were grouped with the other tools on the program's toolbar.

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