Washing Machine 2 full review

A clean Mac is a faster, healthier, happier Mac. Unfortunately, while Apple makes it easy to add things to your operating system it’s never been very good at helping you remove them. That’s why we need tools like Washing Machine 2.

As you browse the web or use internet-enabled applications you download data, build a history of your movements, and save cookies that contain personal information about you. Your browser and other net applications do this to improve their operation. Cookies enable you to log back into sites you’ve used before more quickly. Your web cache is there to shave seconds off page downloads. But there’s a flip side to all this. A hard drive full of stuff is more likely to ‘thrash’ – ie, the read head of your drive skips around trying to find data. Cookies can be used to share your details between sites that you haven’t given permission to, and you may want to keep your browsing history private.

Configurable, scheduled clean-up routines are easy with Washing Machine 2. It recognises and integrates with many net connected Mac programs

While all your net-connected programs should include tools that enable you to wipe history, cookies and temporary files, Washing Machine seeks out and identifies them all for you and lets you clean up files from one location. It does the job very well too, with a clean, exceedingly simple interface that lists the offending programs on your system and gives you easy access to the backed-up data you may want to remove.

You can select single or multiple categories and single or multiple programs, click Clean and rid your machine of any temporary files you want gone. This includes bookmarks, browsing history, cookies, temporary files and downloads.

And if you really need to make sure your Mac is clean of all browsing evidence you can choose Secure Clean from the main menu. Like a white wash at 90 degrees, it’ll remove all trace of offending material. It even enables you to regularly schedule clean-up routines. Good stuff.

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