Yojimbo 1.5 full review

We don’t often get to say this, but Yojimbo is a remarkable piece of software for organising everything on your computer.

There are strong rivals to Yojimbo. Delicious Library (reviewed September 2008) is brilliant for cataloguing your media collection and Bento (reviewed February 2008) is the database tool everyone can use. But Yojimbo helps you take care of your digital life in a way that Delicious Library can’t. Although it’s less flexible and open-ended than Bento, it provides all the right tools to organise most of the data your computer handles.

Essentially, Yojimbo is database software in the same way as your Mac’s Address Book is database software. It enables you to keep records. Rather than confine itself to just contact details though, it covers browser bookmarks, notes, collections, passwords, serial numbers and images out of the box. You can create new categories based on the existing ones using the Add button.

The process of adding data to Yojimbo is simple. While the software is active, just hit the F8 function key to bring up the entry dialogue. From there you can choose any of the active categories and enter information. For example, if you’re browsing the web and find a site worth remembering, hit F8, select the Bookmarks category and paste in the URL of the site you’re looking at.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop items direct to the Yojimbo tab that sits on the right of your screen. The software’s smart enough to categorise it for you. You can even save entire pages to Yojimbo for later browsing; the application uses Web Kit to render sites inline.

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