Verbatim Pocket Drive full review

There’s an annoying trend that sees manufacturers selling products as “pocket” devices that, in reality, you can barely squeeze into a gym bag let alone your jeans. Verbatim, however, tells the truth when it promotes its Pocket Drive as a mobile storage device - this 250GB drive really is tiny.

Aside from the Verbatim logo and a set of five blue lights, the Pocket Drive is a simple 85g block of black plastic and aluminium to the naked eye and at 90mm runs to about the same length as an iPhone screen. It’s also roughly the same depth as Apple’s iPhone.

A small, jewellers pouch also comes included with the Pocket Drive, emphasising its diminutive dimensions. The size and weight are surprising given the 250Gb capacity of the Pocket Drive and are made possible by 1.8-inch disk inside that operates in near silence.

Unfortunately, it’s this same disk that provides the Pocket Drive’s biggest let down. Transfer speeds, when using a USB 2.0 connection via the provided cable, were less then snappy by comparison to more bulky drives of the same capacity. A 1.5GB movie file took over a minute and a half to transfer to the Pocket Drive which means Time Machine backups could become a drawn out process if you were to use this device for the purpose.

The Pocket Drive comes pre-formatted in FAT32 format so will work with both Mac and Windows machines but beyond this, the cross-platform support becomes a little rocky. While the bundled Dmailer backup software offers a Mac version, the Verbatim Sync utility does not, with only a .exe file available in the folder.

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