Vicomsoft FTP Client full review

Mac OS X compatibility is the main reason for this upgrade of Vicomsoft FTP Client - it has an Aqua interface, and includes all the benefits of the latest version of OS X. With all the useful features from the OS 9 version, Vicomsoft claims FTP Client for OS X is 30 per cent faster than its rival FTP programs - including multiple-file download times. Ease of use has been much improved. You can now edit and rename files while actually in the file list of the program. This removes the need to leave the program in order to update file names and then refresh the file listings when back in FTP Client. It also now allows long and multi-byte file names. Other speed enhancements include the introduction of cached directory contents for faster navigation - although Manual refresh can still be used, and the new Hierarchical directory listings are great for saving time instead of having to wait for directory listings to reshow in the server window. Navigation is also improved - as many levels of directories as needed can be viewed. You can also re-locate files using drag-&-drop while in list or column view. FTP Client for Mac OS X now has SFTP, the secure equivalent of FTP. Usernames and passwords are no longer sent as text, and transferred files are now encrypted. A lot of businesses are now so security conscious they will not allow non-secure FTP to be used. Native OS X networking using BSD sockets is also utilized to produce the fastest transfers possible in the fewest CPU cycles. The Unix power of Mac OS X has also been used for increasing the speed of transfers on multiprocessors Macs. The Queue Drawer is accessible from the View menu. Depending on the speed of the connection, (if it's very fast, you'll hardly ever see it for small transfers) this shows the stage the upload is at, or the stage your file list status and progress has reached. This means while downloading files from one server, you can continue to use it for other jobs without having to wait for it to complete the last command. The Queue drawer will also automatically start the next transfer once the previous has finished.
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