FCP X Transitions Pack 1 full review

Digital Heaven has always been good at identifying processes that editors have to complete on a regular basis and providing tools to speed up these repetitive tasks.

One such task is adding small visual flourishes to the timeline, without having to take up extra production time creating them in a motion graphics program. For this, there's the FCP X Transitions Pack 1. The pack adds five transitions that simulate light leaks, the bumpy film frame roll of an old projector, camera lens shutters, stretch pans, and a lens flare. These transitions have obviously been designed with repeat use in mind, as they add interest to edits, without being so stylised that they’re instantly recognisable.

Each transition has some additional controls to customise the effect to suit your footage, so you can switch between vertical and iris shutters, adjust the tint and angle of the flare, and change the direction of the stretch pan. But it would have been nice to see more adjustable controls in each one. For example, the lens flare transition has three settings for the colour of the rings surrounding the flare, which lets you match the transition to the hue of the shots you’re working with, so it would be good to have the same colour tints within the light flash transition.

These sort of transitions are becoming as common as the old favourite cross dissolve, so you’ll probably perform them on a daily basis.

Digital Heaven’s FCPX transitions have additional controls that allow you to adapt them to suit your footage

For the price, we’d have liked to see a few more transitions in the pack. What makes up for this is the ability to extensively reconfigure the transitions inside Motion, and re-save them as additional customised effects. Right-click on a transition to reveal the Open in Motion command.

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