FXHome CompositeLab Pro full review

We recently took a look at FXHome’s EffectsLab Pro, a tool for adding new visual elements like fireballs, rain, lens flare and lights to your digital video. We liked it a lot. Now we’re trying CompositeLab Pro, a sophisticated system sharing the same interface as its sibling. CompositeLab has many uses, but first and foremost it’s for green and blue-screen post-production.

Green or blue screen is a film and video technique that enables you to replace a uniform background in a video clip with anything you like. It’s the technique Hollywood uses to put hobbits into Middle Earth or model spaceships against a background of blurred stars. More mundanely, TV news programmes place news readers into virtual studios with it. Green screen is used mainly in digital production, while blue screen is still used for film.

The method is easier to explain than apply. Good green screen compositing requires well-lit, high-grade source footage to work properly – and the video tools used to create it in post-production have traditionally been expensive. Not CompositeLab Pro though. The software’s key grading and masking features help you make up for shadowy shots and creased backdrops easily. You can choose a variety of different ways to “key” footage too – from colour exclusion to alpha transparency.

Though composition is the software’s main aim, there are a host of other grading features in the box too – enabling you to add post-production effects to your footage to make it look more professional. Many of these are bundled as presets. Fancy the washed out look of The Bourne Supremacy?

It’s available with a couple of clicks. Even green screen effects can be applied to good footage with a single selection.

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