Iris 1.0 full review

It’s the simplest ideas that impress us most. The ‘why didn’t we think of that?’ ideas. Iris 1.0 is based on such an idea. Using your iSight or other webcam, Iris adds a bundle of features to this much maligned peripheral.

Basically, it captures video – so YouTube-loving teen bloggers will still get a kick out of it. It also features timelapse recording, motion detection and direct publishing to the web though, making it a much more useful proposition.

Need some extra security in the study? Motion detection will not only trigger the recording of digital video the moment someone unauthorised crosses the path of your camera, it will also send you an email alert. You can also monitor motion detection on your Bonjour network, through Safari.

Snapshot mode is self explanatory, letting you take quick pictures with your video camera, while movie is ideal for video bloggers.

Timelapse movies can be configured to take a snapshot at intervals you configure, for as many frames or minutes as you like. As with all movie modes, you can choose which CODEC to save and compress video with using the settings dialogue. Finally, the “Web Cam” mode publishes timed shots direct to a web address of your choice – whether it’s your local server or a remote site.

The uncluttered interface that appears contextually when you hover your cursor over the preview window is elegant and easy to use. Meanwhile, under the bonnet, the software’s optimised to use your Mac’s Core Graphics framework for fast video rendering.

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