iSquint full review

With every iPod now video capable (except, of course, the iPod shuffle) and a veritable explosion of clip sites on the web, iSquint is the missing link between the two. You see, the iPod plays MPEG 4 video while YouTube, Google Video and the rest offer downloads in Flash Video (FLV) format. With iSquint all you need to do is download your chosen clip using a video tool such as VideoDownloader for Firefox, drag and drop the file to iSquint and hit the Start button.

iSquint converts any video it processes to MPEG 4 format, which can then be dragged to your iPod. You can even tick boxes to automatically add processed clips to iTunes and use H.264 encoding – the latest MPEG compression supported by current iPods. iSquint isn’t just about creating clips on the move though. You can also convert video for TV instead, just by clicking a button. The quality of output can be set using a simple slider. If you need more control over the final format, click the Advanced button to set custom dimensions and bit rates.

Clips can be processed in batches to save time – the process is pretty slow so the best approach would be to leave iSquint to chew through a bunch of files over night.

As a simple video clip converter iSquint is impressive enough. The range of formats supported makes it close to indispensable though. Popular formats like DivX or Xvid encoded AVI files, Flash Video, Windows Media Video and “all forms of MPEG video” are supported.

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