Web2 Delight full review

Too lazy to type YouTube’s URL into your browser? Then Web2 Delight’s just the app for you! Actually, that’s a little unfair... this is an impressive application with a simple, brilliant premise. It connects to a select range of media sites and pulls your favourite content into one place. Like an email client or RSS feed reader, you can organise online photos and videos into collections – and view them whenever you want.

It’s an absolute joy to use – feeling like an extension of the Mac’s Finder rather than a stand-alone application. Come to think of it, that might not be a bad idea for future versions. You select a site, search for content, stream it or download it direct to the app. While the main aim is enhanced search and media management, built-in conversion tools make this a very handy program to have on your machine. Downloaded files are automatically converted to MP4 and from there it’s easy to transfer photos and videos to iTunes so you can sync them with your iPod or iPhone. You can also export to other formats.

For all the juicy video goodness Web2 Delight spoils us with, there are one or two things we didn’t like. We would have preferred to add our own video and photo sites to the list. Live Gallery, for example, or Yahoo! Video – but you can’t add your own URLs. And then there’s that name – Web2 Delight – registering a massive 9 out of 10 on the cringe-o-meter.

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