Virtual Game Station full review

After months of waiting, Virtual Game Station (VGS) – the Sony PlayStation emulator for the Mac – is finally available in the UK. Due to legal trouble in the States, it looked like VGS may never make it over here. But most of Sony’s objections have been dismissed – only two remain unresolved. VGS doesn’t support all PlayStation games, though Connectix claims it’s compatible with over 200 of them. All the compatible games are listed at Installation is easy, and the system requirements are small: Mac OS 8 or later, a Power Macintosh G3, 3.5MB of hard disk space and 10MB RAM. But, it only works with the factory-installed ATI Rage cards – if you’ve installed any other graphics card, you’re out of luck. VGS supports joysticks, game pads and keyboards. However, the game pad in our office doesn’t work properly – through no fault of VGS – so I was stuck with the keyboard. Crash
First game up was Driver. Connectix dosen’t claim to support it, but it was pretty impressive. The graphics and game speed were up to scratch, but there was no sound. Also, the save file corrupted – very annoying. And, the program crashed every so often. Still, playing Driver on a Mac wiled away a few hours. Next up was Resident Evil 2. This is supported, and it worked perfectly, the graphics were smooth and the sound was stunning. And the save option worked. More impressive was International Superstar Soccer Pro 98 (ISS). Even though Connectix doesn’t claim to support it, ISS work almost perfectly – the graphics were a bit blocky, and without a game pad it’s very tricky. But all the features were there, and it’s always a pleasure to thrash the Hun. Gran Turismo was pretty impressive as well. The racing was fast and the graphics stunning.
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