VR Worx 2.0 full review

For too long, Apple’s QuickTime VR Studio has been sitting comfortably on top of the world of panoramic/virtual reality imaging. With the release of VR Toolbox’s latest QTVR tool, Apple finally is getting a run for its money. This feature-crammed set-up is actually VR ObjectWorx, VR SceneWorx and VR PanoWorx bundled into one application. VR Worx 2.0 let users import QuickTime VR 1.0 movies and export panoramas and object movies in both 1.0 and 2.0 format. Unlike Apple’s QuickTime VR Studio, VR Worx 2.0 is available on both Mac and PC. Progress block
VR Worx presents users with a panel with up to seven tabbed folders, which commonly consists of Acquire, Stitch, Blend, Hotspots, Compress and Playback. Using a technique called ”progressive disclosure” users cannot proceed to the next step in the process until all the necessary tasks have been performed – indicated by making the other folders in the panel dimmed. This linear approach is useful, especially if you’re new to the tool. Also, when creating panoramas in VR Worx 2.0, the tool is a lot more flexible than QTVR when stitching images. You can fully script VR Worx and it comes with both a selection of AppleScripts and templates and automated features, for use when creating quick email or Web ready QTVR movies. VR Worx 2.0 can import still images from most-popular image formats. As with Apple’s QuickTime VR Studio 1.0 you can also import single-frame images from a video source, such as a camcorder or a QuickCam. This is an excellent solution for users creating single-row objects, which can be dragged and viewed from any point, since the process requires the object to be captured 360 degrees around its own axis. This is achieved by systematically rotating the camcorder, usually by ten degrees, and then taking another image until the object has been rotated a full 360 degrees. VR Worx 2.0 comes with Matte, or blue-screen effects – only available on the Mac version – allowing for the masking-out of a region based on its colour. This means it can be replaced by a background picture or pattern. While importing an image to create panoramas, VR Worx 2.0 surprises once again, with a neat built-in image editor, allowing for touch-ups and even text-titling and captions. Other features include a URL hot-spotter that allows hyperlink buttons to be created.
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