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VSCO Cam from developer Visual Supply Co (VSCO) is likely pitched as a serious tool for iPhone photographers and forms part of a wider set of creative resources and community, available to users of Adobe and Apple software. VSCO Cam offers a solid selection of editing tools and seductive photo presets that have wide appeal, enjoying over a million downloads in the first week of launch. With controls for adjusting exposure, temperature and contrast and the ability to rotate, straighten and crop images, the app is a fine replacement for Apple's own Camera app, which while given an iOS 7 make-over, is still lacking key features. Additionally, vignette, grain and sharpen tools are available to those with more recent iDevices, including iPhone 5 and the most recent iPod touch. 

 VSCO Cam for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Photo presets in VSCO Cam also easily outshine those now offered by Apple, evoking the beauty of analog film without ever resorting to cliché. You can easily adjust the strength of any preset to vary the effect, ensuring not all images look alike. With a good selection to get you started, VSCO additionally offers nine 'Top In-App Purchases' or Preset Packs costing 69p each, although you can still buy them all as a 'Launch Bundle' for £3.99 adding 38 presets. These are well worth your investment, while occasionally additional packs, the Street Etiquette X VSCO for example, are offered free via the built-in Store.

VSCO Cam for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch  

VSCO Cam offers a good way to store, organise, browse and flag images you might want to edit later with the ability to adjust the size of thumbnails and select all, flagged or edited images. You can also add images from your iPhone to take advantage of tools and presets and share any image via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the like. VSCO also has a great online community and support, including the ability to showcase favourite photos taken using VSCO Grid, participate in VSCO Weekly and read the inspirational VSCO Journal.

VSCO Cam for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


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