Waves Gold Bundle Version 3 full review

Waves Gold Bundle includes just about every audio signal-processing plug-in that you might need – with support for Pro Tools TDM, Realtime Audio Suite and AudioSuite, Steinberg VST and Motu MAS. You can buy either TDM or Native Versions of the bundle, and 88.2/96kHz support is now available for many of the native plug-ins. When you want to get serious, try the 10-band Q10 Paragraphic Equalizer. This has a Setup Library containing more than 200 equalizer types to create anything from creative effects to precision mastering. For dynamic control, the C1 Parametric Compander is much more flexible than a conventional compressor. Audio max
To raise the level of your audio to the maximum, while avoiding distortion, use the L1 Ultramaximiser, Waves’ most popular digital limiter. It now features 24-bit dithering and 48-bit, double-precision performance. The S1 Stereo Imager includes a set of tools to re-adjust the stereo level-balance of a mix, and has the ability to dramatically widen an existing stereo image. The stereo-vector display, with its half-circle shape and soundstage graphic, lets you see and control the stereo soundstage of a file. The S1 can be used for mastering, to fix off-centre or unbalanced mixes, or for precision stereo-image adjustment. It also incorporates an MS converter that changes left-right input into MS output, or vice-versa. Also for stereo, the PS22 StereoMaker is a set of tools for creating convincing stereo from mono source material, as well as a set of processing tools for synthesizing a richer stereo effect from existing stereo material. To help visualize what is happening with audio, the PAZ Psychoacoustic Analyzer offers 3 measurement functions – a realtime frequency-analyser, a Stereo Position Display, and a set of peak/RMS Meters. All of these are essential tools for mastering, and can also be used in a variety of creative situations. SuperTap is a multi-tap delay with up to six voices – each with up to 6 seconds of delay, independent gain, panning and filtering on each tap, plus modulation and feedback controls. You can use this to emulate just about any type of delay unit ever made. MondoMod combines Amplitude Modulation, Frequency Modulation and auto-panning, enabling you to create effects ranging from subtle to bizarre. Doppler lets you create both realistic and larger-than-life. My favourite is plug-in is UltraPitch. This is a harmonization tool that processes monophonic tracks such as vocals or single-note instruments to create up to six new voices. You can produce extremely realistic effects using the stereo panning and delay on each output to create huge and thick stereo chorusing, doubling, parallel harmonies and lots more. Formant-correction keeps the sound natural when you shift the pitch, and menu options are provided that optimize this for voice, brass, strings and so forth. The Renaissance series and other Waves plug-ins are primarily intended for use while recording and mixing. I find myself using the Renaissance Compressor in preference to anything else these days. This features both Electro and Opto modes with ARC Auto-release and an L1 style limiter on the output. The Renaissance Equalizer provides classic vintage EQ designs at double-precision 48-bit resolution dithered to 24-bit TDM, while Renaissance Vox consolidates several controls into just two parameters. A single control alters the amount of compression and limiting, while providing automatic make-up gain. A second control lets you apply a downward expander to gently clean up the noise floor. The TrueVerb Room Emulator offers some of the best room-reverb emulations you will find, and has a unique distance control. The distance effect depends on the balance of Direct, Early Reflections, and Reverb – which you set using the single Distance control. If you’re looking for classic reverb effects, the new Renaissance Reverberator offers improved reverb ‘tails’ compared with TrueVerb – but without the Distance control. The standard DeEsser is a precision high-frequency dynamic processor, modelled after vintage gear, for fast and easy de-essing/HF limiting. The Renaissance DeEsser has several new features that improve on this design – and incorporates a graph to show exactly which frequencies are being de-essed. MaxxBass creates harmonics that you can add to the signal. These harmonics trick the ear into perceiving low bass frequencies that may not actually be present in the output. This psycho-acoustic illusion can be used for mixing and mastering to enhance the bass response for playback on any system. Renaissance Bass was developed from the original MaxxBass, and has significantly improved psycho-acoustic bass performance, easier adjustment, and clip-free performance. Finally, the new C4 Multiband Parametric Processor offers 4-band expansion, limiting, compression and EQ – ideal for finalizing master mixes.
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