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Apple's iOS 7 makeover, the most radical yet, has met with mixed reviews, the update dumping much of the visual decoration associated with skeuomorphic design for a more streamlined and simple look. Visually, this process brings a consistency to all Apple's native apps, while a growing number of third party developers have already adopted a similar style. It's a look, then, that is here to stay, and one that will likely form the basis of future iOS updates.  

Weather for iPhone, iPad  

Part of this update is Apple's own Weather app, which comes pre-installed with every iOS device, so likely you will have used it at some point. Since iOS 5 it has been part of the pull-down Notification Center, a central hub for keeping track of various app notifications, that neatly doesn't require users to flip between open apps. Since iOS 7 and a new look Notification Center, weather updates require some effort to get to show up here, an issue raised numerous times on Apple focused forums. While various fixes are available online, it's an annoyance that will likely deter some from updating to iOS 7. Apple hasn't included its Weather app in iOS 7 for iPad users in this latest update, apart from Notification Center, so the option here is to download and install one of a growing number of third party apps.

Weather App

Notification Center aside, the new look Weather is a more minimalist looking app, one that has replaced visual elements - sun, moon, rain, clouds - with much more subtle animations. These include beautifully deft renderings of rain, fog, hail, snow and the like, which enhance rather than distract from the weather data on display. That data is provided by Yahoo! who do a good job of correctly forecasting the weather consistently, although Weather lacks the depth of data, including maps, available to other weather related apps and online, including the impressive Yahoo Weather app. Weather customisation, meanwhile, is limited to a choice of data being displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius, along with the ability to add locations to compare weather across the UK and beyond. 

Weather App

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