BannerZest Pro full review

No regular web user is particularly keen
on banners; especially the noisy, animated type that distract you from browsing. While it’s possible to use BannerZest Pro to create exactly the type of intrusive advertising that makes people reach for an imaginary sledgehammer, it’s much more than that.

It would be fairer to call BannerZest Pro a simple web animation tool – ideal for creating slide shows and even navigation bars. The fact that it can also
be used to make abhorrently annoying banner ads
is almost incidental.

Devilishly easy to use, the application begins each new project by prompting you to add media. Drag and drop images to the program and BannerZest Pro creates a Flash powered animation from this raw material in an instant.

The real power is in the tweaking, though, with 16 different themes to choose from. These range from standard skyscraper banner ads to larger slideshow animations. Pick any of these and the preview window updates instantly.
Each image can be given its own individual title and display its creation date. Crucially, you can attach a hyperlink to each image too, making it into an instant button. Do that with the ‘Multi Flip Vertical’ theme and you’ve made an impressive navigation sidebar in seconds.

The default configuration of each theme can be further tweaked in the settings section. Background colour, loading screen and dimensions can all be changed. The tool is so flexible you could use these settings to create a full-screen photographic slide show. When you’ve finished adjusting your animation you can publish it by FTP direct from your local machine. A selection of files are output, embedding your handiwork in Shockwave Flash format into an HTML file.

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