Goldfish 2.1.1 full review

Web design can be a frustrating experience for the uninitiated. Goldfish aims to simplify the process. Once you’ve downloaded the software, it’s possible to opt for either the Standard or Professional version, the latter giving more in the way of HTML and CSS tools to work with. Either way, you’re given a selection of basic, though tasty template designs that more or less do the job for you.

The Professional version offers more elaborate HTML and CSS coding options, although this is basically via a textbox window. Taking that route allows you to ‘hand code’ or, more sneakily, copy and paste page elements and styles from elsewhere, but it’s unlikely to appeal to a newbie.

As with any new program, it’s mighty tempting to dive right into the Goldfish bowl and start playing around, but on your first run it’s perhaps best to enlist the Help area. This hooks up to the Goldfish website and explains the theory behind how pages are constructed.

This is time well spent, because Goldfish does have some idiosyncrasies which might end up tying you in knots.

All the necessary site-building toolbar options are here, however, with forms and navigation bars on offer, along with a complete set of text formatting options and much more besides.

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