iSale 4.4 Review

Anyone addicted to the eBay experience will find iSale a real boon to their buying and selling activities. This handy app is a complete one-stop solution that allows you to create, track and manage auctions inside a distinctly minimalist, easy to master program environment.

The new version has improved support for AppleScript, a funky Automator feature and a pile of new templates to add to the bulky existing selection. You’ll soon be saving money too, as iSale offers support for Picasa web albums, meaning it’s possible to escape some of those pesky eBay fees while storing up to 1GB of pictures. In addition, iSale integrates with Macbay, a German service provider for Mac users which, if subscribed to, can act as an alternative home and host for any auction images. It also works with a .Mac account and integrates well with iPhoto image collections.


If you’ve spent any long periods of time using the services of eBay then you’ll know how listing multiple items can quickly become a very labour-intensive job. iSale helps minimise the more laborious parts of the process; the image management tools are excellent, while the import and export of data via Excel, FileMaker, and TurboLister is well supported. The pinboard facility is a colourful and fun way of tracking auction activity. The Print Layouts feature is similarly impressive. This removes much of the drudgery from your post-sale activities, with final price, billing and postal details all being instantly available to print. eBay devotees will find iSale a must, particularly when it comes to spring cleaning the administration side of the process. Multiple buyer and seller names and addresses along with old and outdated auction information can be managed or even removed permanently. Better yet, iSale means that you can personalise the eBay experience to suit both your own and your customers’ needs in a seemingly infinite amount of ways.

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