iSale 5.2 full review

Every modern household has a box or two of junk cluttering up the spare room or attic. The intention, often stated but rarely seen through, is to put it on eBay. In theory, eBay is a great way to get rid of unwanted bits and pieces.

In practice, it’s as much of a chore as putting ads in the local paper or lugging stuff to the charity shop. iSale is designed to make the process easier.

iSale 5 helps you create item listings using a visual, template-based preview window quickly and very easily. The first time you fire it up you’ll need to authenticate the software with eBay, a procedure that takes seconds, then you’ll be ready to start adding auctions to the site.

The tabbed design pane leads you gently through the creation of pages, enabling you to add professional formatting to an auction using one of over 200 layout templates. You just fill in the blanks. Click the Details tab to add essential information, such as payment options and postage charges, and you’re ready to post. One of our favourite features at this stage is the Research Assistant. Give it a couple of keywords and it searches eBay for items similar to yours. You can then base your auction on the best example you find, skipping all the tedious typing required to add descriptions and specs.

Once your item’s posted you can keep tabs on its progress through iSale too, editing the ad until the first bid is made and keeping an eye on the auction.

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