Whirl Laser Mouse full review

The ErgoMotion system employed in the Whirl desktop mouse, and its mini cousin aimed at laptop users, needs some commitment to get the most from it.

However, if you already have raging RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), or make many small mouse movements and clicks – web designers are a classic example – this mouse could be good for your health.

We liked ErgoMotion itself, where you tilt and pivot the mouse to achieve a comfortable position. The mouse is large and fits nicely in the hand, and the ErgoMotion system is ambidextrous. The receiver stores securely into the base of the mouse.

The Whirl, with its tilt and pivot base, adapts to your unique writs movements. So, what at first glance looks like a pretty standard mouse turns out to be an input device that conforms to you. Very quickly you’ll wonder how you ever worked without ErgoMotion.

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