WiFi Locator

I’ve been doing a lot of travelling lately, and I find that keeping in touch is much easier now. With my trusty PowerBook I’m never far from an Internet wireless hotspot, be it in the local Starbucks or somebody’s open WiFi network. Finding a WiFi network is easy when you’re in somewhere like New York, because you’re never more than 100 yards from a Starbucks. But in the wilds of Kentucky last week I had more of a problem. Luckily I had the ultimate keyring accessory, the Intego WiFi Locator.

Its genius is in its simplicity: it consists of a button and four lights. Pressing the button starts the LEDs flashing side to side (think KITT from Knight Rider). When a WiFi signal is detected, the lights stay lit. Depending in the strength of the signal one to four lights will show. Then open up your PowerBook and see if the network is password protected. Surprisingly, networks are often open.


WarChalking doesn’t work (I doubt it ever did), but this does. I found a hot spot in Lexington Airport in the bar. Within minutes, I was video iChatting to my wife. Just for that one use, I got the full value of this £20 keyring.

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