LaCie Core4 USB 2.0 Hub full review

The LaCie Core4 USB 2.0 Hub is a chunky yet compact device designed to add additional USB ports to desktop and laptop Macs. Designed by award-winning industrial designer Sam Hecht it resembles a Lego brick and is about the size of a matchbox.

The Core4 incorporates two built-in cables that fold away into the body of the hub protected by a functional, if slightly fiddly, plastic sleeve. The hub includes four USB 2.0 ports: three external USB ports and a built-in mini-USB cable for additional connectivity.

For everyday use the Core4 proved a useful, occasionally vital addition, especially when working with a MacBook Air that offers just a single USB port. Although it wouldn't fit into a rather snug laptop bag it easily slipped into a pocket and felt reassuringly solid being carried around. The price is also an attractive proposition, as the Core4 feels like a quality device, built to last.

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