LaCie Core7 USB 2.0 Hub full review

The LaCie Core7 USB 2.0 Hub is a larger alternative to the LaCie Core4 USB 2.0 Hub (also reviewed by Macworld). In terms of connectivity, and as the name suggests, the Core7 offers seven USB ports, the Core4 four.

Both hubs are the work of acclaimed industrial designer Sam Hecht, but the Core7 lacks the aesthetics of the smaller, neater Core4. In fact, when presented to colleagues, the Core7 was thought to be a domestic light fitting or mini hard drive, and raised little in the way of positive comments.

Leaving looks aside, the Core7 performs well and shares the same practical design with the Core4 that ensures all those snaking cables are kept neatly in place. The Core7 can also be wall mounted, which is ideal for desktop users who demand a tidy workspace. The hub includes six USB 2.0 ports, as well as a built-in extractible mini-USB cable for mobile device connectivity and charging. The Core7 comes with its own power supply.

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