Wireless Headphones

Logitech, well known for its keyboards and mice, has introduced a set of wireless headphones designed specifically for the iPod. The set uses Bluetooth to provide the wireless link between headphones and the little adaptor that plugs into the top of the iPod. The adaptor plugs into the remote socket too, which allows the iPod to be controlled through buttons on the right headphone.

Although designed for an iPod, they come with a lead that makes it easy to plug the adaptor into anything with a 3.5mm plug. Linking the headphones to the adaptor is just a case of pressing a button on each, and they pair straight away.


The headphones are the behind-the-ear type and are not adjustable. This makes them quite uncomfortable, as all the weight of the extra hardware and batteries in the headphones rests upon the top of your ears. They also don’t sound great, being thin and lacking in bass, which isn’t great given their price. They are easy to use, but that may not be enough to overcome the expensive price tag.

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