Wireless keyboards


You wait years for a wireless keyboard that actually works with a Mac, and along come two. Both the Wireless Optical Desktop from Microsoft and the Cordless Desktop Navigator have a keyboard and mouse that are totally wires free. In this age of WiFi-everything, wires are just messy, so why not avoid them if you can? There are some practical reasons you might need wires-free typing, for presentations or training where you are projecting your screen. If you aren’t projecting your screen having your keyboard far away from it isn’t really an advantage, unless you have amazing eyesight... Both keyboards are pretty similar functionally, having special keys to control volume, play, pause, and to launch applications. Both are attractive, but if this were a beauty contest I think the Microsoft model has the edge. The ice-white colour scheme with the chrome-coloured keys of the Microsoft keyboard are pretty spiffy. The Logitech is not unattractive, but it doesn’t have the star-quality of the other. The Logitech keyboard wins points, however, for bothering to put the Apple and c logo on the correct key, while the Microsoft ignores the Mac’s alternative layout when lettering its keys. This makes no odds in practice, but many of us occasionally look down to check where our fingers are going, and the inclusion of Apple logos is a nicety. Both mice are similarly attractive. They are slightly heavier than normal mice due to the batteries. But it’s the weight distribution that makes them a little odd. The batteries in both mice are towards the back, so they tip slightly when you lift them. The keyboards are quiet, and silky smooth. One minor irritation was that the Microsoft space bar rattled slightly, but I soon became deaf to it, so not a major problem.
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