Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 full review

Our first impression of Logitech’s solar keyboard was how sleek and slim it is – about 8mm. Large solar panels at the top mean the keyboard charges itself from both natural and artificial light.

It ships with a tiny RF receiver (and wireless extender) and a cleaning cloth, to buff the glossy surface.

Our Mac instantly recognised the keyboard when it was switched on. A handy indicator light alerts you when the battery requires a charge. Mac users, sadly, can’t use the Windows-only Solar App, which displays battery life and the light intensity falling on the solar panels.

The keys are ‘chiclet’ style, like Apple keyboards, and are comfortable and quiet in use. We found the keys responsive and liked their bold lettering.

Ultra-slim yet usable keyboard that’s powered by the sun

Our one concern was about the longevity of the support feet that tilt the keyboard, as they seem fragile.


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