Yojimbo full review

Digital information comes in so many forms and we need to organise all that stuff somehow. The traditional methods for doing so are highly compartmentalised: bookmarks for web pages; iPhoto for images; Finder for documents. Yojimbo helps you arrange and organise your data all in one place, by treating everything in the same way.

One way of thinking about it is as a highly optimised version of your home folder that contains directories for documents, images and so on. With Yojimbo, there’s a library where you can drag and drop any item. The contents are physically copied there too, so you can delete it afterwards. Items are automatically categorised in a number of ways. Links and bookmarks can be found in the Bookmarks section, for example. You can also add tags to items, whatever media they are, which can also be bundled together to form useful Tag Collections.

Adding new items to Yojimbo is easy. You can drag and drop items to the program itself, or you can hit F8 and choose a category. Finally, while Yojimbo is running, you’ll find a tab on the right of your screen. Just drag and drop items there. You can choose to add an item to the Library or to a Tag Collection.

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