Yummy FTP 1.04 full review

Yummy FTP has all the usual features you’d expect to find in a dedicated FTP program: secure FTP (SFTP), mirroring, remote editing of file names, filtering, and multiple-connection support. It imports bookmarks from other major FTP programs as well as offering a new listings history, and a folder Favourites menu. Rendezvous connections can be made with Yummy, and a Queue drawer helps to keep an eye on the progress of pending uploads or downloads. If you don’t want to use the double-paned interface, you can drag-&-drop files directly from your desktop.

Yummy FTP is easy to use and quick to set up. Importing bookmarks from previous FTP programs is a snip and the interface is clean, simple and intuitive. For a little bit of wow-factor, try changing the customizable Metal to Aqua user interface (or vice versa) – it fades through the change. Users can also switch from single-window file view to columns view, just as in the Finder. The Yummy “Edit with” option now lets you create a new file and edit it immediately.

The Preview drawer is an excellent feature, if slightly limited for Web sites that use database technology. The drawer lets you check that you’re about to download the correct file by showing an image – whether it’s PDF, JPG, TXT or GIF. However, it doesn’t show .css, .cfm , .zip .xml or .swf files. The HTML file preview shows the source code rather than the Web-page layout itself. Clicking the info button at the bottom of the preview window lets you scroll through the file’s characteristics, such as name, size, date modified, location and dimensions – all incredibly useful features for time-saving and navigating around remote servers.

The Filters option lets you easily find the right document you need on very large Web sites with hundreds of files by giving the option of filtering out whatever you like from the FTP viewing windows. Yummy now displays a warning if windows are to be closed when tasks are still running.
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