Yummy FTP full review

There are several FTP contenders for the Mac, but few of them as appealing as their PC brethren. Fetch and CyberDuck are favourites of the community. We’re particularly fond of the open source product FileZilla Client, too. It has a great interface and offers a level of reliability and ease of use that Fetch and CyberDuck lack, but it doesn’t have all the tools and features that more advanced users need.

So, we gave Yummy FTP 1.8.2 a spin, and found it well worth a look. Sporting a classic dual pane interface, Yummy does all the things you should expect from any FTP client. It has drag-and-drop functionality, remembers FTP servers previously connected to and gives valuable visual feedback as you upload. It offers all the advanced features you would expect too, like shell command execution and permission setting. And there’s more.

Integration with Finder means you can preview remote files on your desktop machine using Apple’s Quick Look. That applies to music, movies and images as well as text files.

Then there’s the DualBrowse feature, which navigates through your local hierarchy as you browse the remote side (or vice versa), making it easy to find and upload files.

With Apple Scripting support, user interface customisation, remote editing and synchronisation, it seems there’s little Yummy FTP can’t do. The more you use features like scheduling, multi-connection transfers and fail-safe downloads, the truer this is.

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